Author Topic: I'm back to tell you more about my attempts to resurrect orgasms  (Read 3510 times)


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I'm back to tell you more about my attempts to resurrect orgasms
« on: February 12, 2017, 07:13:40 PM »
Hi, this is jrsousa2, I joined back in 2011 (I was much younger then, but also more clueless about
what causes lack of orgasm.)
I think my problem stems from taking finasteride (or minoxidil, they're both libido killers), but can't
be sure, as I've always had a sensitive orgasmic capacity (also affected by anti-depressants,
gym supplements, etc.)
Having low libido/bad orgasms is something I've been suffering since my heydays, which were
around my 28 years of age. My orgasms were fantastic, just unbelievable, they were the best orgasms
someone could ever have as Donald Trump would call it.
Then, I started to panic due to receding hair lines on my head, my hair was just terrible, so I spent a
few years taking a poison called finasteride (never imagined it would change my body so much, for the worse.)
Now I'm over 40 and still have kind of good hair on my head, but the libido apparently was destroyed, unless
I revive it with supplements.
In my quest for a cure for this disorder, I've tried many things under the sun, some with great relative
success, others with none at all.
I even compiled a list of all the OTC supplements, hormones, and all the stuff I have tried,
but won't bother going over that again.
Only 2 are worth mentioning: for some time fresh royal jelly made me horny as fuck and the orgasms
were also great. Ditto for HCG. Then after a while I was never able to replicate those results (at times
I think the HCG I'm buying is not bona-fide, or the royal jelly is not the best quality, but who knows, who
can tell?)

Now, I have found this supplement which has been working wonders (see attachments), better than any other supplements, though not quite like the HCG and fresh royal jelly from the past.
It doesn't work religiously though, I found it works best when I'm well slept and when I take it on an empty stomach and leave it for one hour or so before I eat anything.

I was wondering if somebody could help me crack the secret of why this supplement works, it's so similar to others,
but it must have something which makes the difference. I hope it doesn't stop working just cause I'm sharing this result with you, as has happened in the past (I've become a bit superstitious after so many years of frustration.)
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Re: I'm back to tell you more about my attempts to resurrect orgasms
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