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Maybe we're all masturbating wrongly, see my list on male squirting, I never have time on my own but if you do have a hot bath, and concentrate on the glans soft or hard , get some shampoo on the head and using the centre of your palm do circular rubbing, I immediately start to pee, but I've read if you carry on you get great orgasms , I think we're using our minds to to much to ejaculate when it should be just a physical nerve act, that's why ssri medication ruin it, we have no feeling so we use our brains to rush it. It should feel good or at least strange from the start of playing with your dick , mine doesn't . But it's a strange feeling when using this palm circular method ,but like I say haven't had time carry on . How we are now is like we're short circuting the orgasm because we expect it to be crap anyway. Part of me is scared of it being the cure because it means I've wasted the last 40 years wanking wrong.Another part of me doesn't want to keep trying in case it doesn't work, as just thinking it will work gives me hope that it will, if you know what I mean? Give it a go! Find the sensitive spot and push through the strange pain feeling. Tried augmentin didn't do a thing!

Damn no replies eh? I guess it doesn't work then? Does it make you pee uncontrollably? 


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