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Can other sexual disorders be a cause of SA?


I've been wondering for a few days, but I haven't been sure if it was even a worthwhile question. Could something like Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSSD) cause a person to simply "not be aroused enough" to be able to have proper orgasm?

My only knowledge comes from my own experiences and stuff I've gotten from Google or here, but if I'm correct, I feel like this could be a cause of some peoples SA.

If someone just isn't aroused enough, maybe they just can't do it? Maybe this could have to do with something like desensitization instead of HSSD, but still.

I definitely have hypoactive arousal. I think sexual pleasure is like a feedback loop between the physical sensation in the brain, and once the arousal reaches a peak an orgasm is unleashed. In my case however that link seems to be broken, I'm able to get an erection but it's like there's not enough activity going on in my brain for that arousal to build up.

What you say is really eye-opening to me, as I feel a similar way. I never knew it was out of the ordinary, or that anyone else experienced anything different.

I think it's definitely worth looking into.

Also, thanks for your reply. As I look more and more into this, and possible factors not only for myself, but for others seems like we can all realistically be cured someday.


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