Author Topic: Ejaculatory Ducts and Retrograde Ejaculation issues  (Read 4818 times)

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Ejaculatory Ducts and Retrograde Ejaculation issues
« on: February 23, 2010, 02:56:47 PM »
Ejaculatory Ducts definition from Wikipedia:

"The Ejaculatory ducts (ductus ejaculatorii) are paired structures in male anatomy, about 2 cm in length.

Each ejaculatory duct is formed by the union of the vas deferens with the duct of the seminal vesicle. They pass through the prostate, and empty into the urethra at the Colliculus seminalis. During ejaculation, semen passes through the ducts and exits the body via the penis."

Things can go wrong with the ejaculatory duct, whether it be ejaculatory duct obstruction or possibly ejaculatory duct weakness.

Retrograde Ejaculation definition from Wikipedia:

"In the human male reproductive system, retrograde ejaculation occurs when semen, which would normally be ejaculated via the urethra, is redirected to the urinary bladder. Normally, the sphincter of the bladder contracts before ejaculation forcing the semen to exit via the urethra, the path of least pressure. When the bladder sphincter does not function properly, retrograde ejaculation may occur."

Anything relevant to either of the above should be posted here.