Author Topic: Very likely Cure found! Do you suffer from OCD or similar symptoms at all?  (Read 2551 times)


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Re: Very likely Cure found! Do you suffer from OCD or similar symptoms at all?
« Reply #15 on: January 26, 2020, 08:37:14 AM »
Okay time for an update.

I've been taking 500mg NAC for awhile now. Originally I took NAC + Sarcosine for general anhedonia, but dropped the sarcosine because it was making me hypomanic.

I also couldn't experiment with higher doses of NAC (2x1200mg) like the op who cured his ejaculatory anhedonia because I didn't like the feeling or effects (can't remember exactly what they were). Also these days I experiment with low doses rather than megadoses of anything.

Anyway the good news:

1. My general anhedonia has improved. I don't feel so blunt anymore, I experience more happy emotions. This is even more evident want drunk.

2. My OCD has lessened a lot. Lets say 90% subjectively speaking. My urge to go back and check if I've locked the front door every time I leave the house ha reduced significantly.

The bad news:

1. No improvement in orgasm.

Other factors:

1. I was told to increase my potassium by a fellow OCDer to help my OCD, so I try and eat more potatoes these days. So that could have been the reason my OCD improved also, but I think it was mainly the NAC.


Now I'm coming back here because I started looking into dxm for something else (totally forgetting I had already looked into it somewhat already here), because I remember writing about night nurse and my orgasm improving.

Anyway I plan on taking a low does of dxm everyday (no tripping/abusing shit) and see how that helps me generally and with my orgasms. Low dose for me is 10ml of robotussin dry cough which is 15mg of dxm. The same amount which was in the night nurse that time I experienced a 3 out of 10 orgasm (usually 0 out of 10). The good thing about robotussin is dxm is the only active ingredient, while night nurse also has an anti-histamine.

It might do something it might not. I've read people find it hard to get erect or even ejaculate on the stuff, but those people abuse high doses. But if you google [dxm orgasm], you'll find a few experiences of people who spent hours rubbing it out and then having out mind blowing orgasms form it, or orgasms from yawning.

But I don't want to abuse high doses or trip balls, there are plenty of bad stories out there of how it wrecked their life and mental health. So I'm hoping a low dose will be able to give me a bit more pleasure without effecting erections or ejaculation, and if that's the case, retrain/rewire my brain overtime.

Now here is a possibly related study:

To ascertain the role of endogenous opioids in sexual response, naltrexone, an opiate receptor antagonist, was administered to men, and its effect on selected self-report measures of sexual response to masturbation was recorded.

The data are based on results from 20 healthy, sexually active (alone or with a partner) men, aged 20–29 years, who ingested naltrexone (25 mg/day × 3) or placebo in a randomized, double-blind crossover design. There was at least a 14-day interval between drug and placebo treatment. Between 18 and 22 h after the most recent dose of drug or placebo, subjects viewed sexually explicit videos in privacy for 2 h. They were instructed to masturbate and have as many orgasms as desired. The following three different self-report measures of their responses were recorded: number of orgasms; intensity of sexual arousal, and orgasmic intensity.

Under the naltrexone condition, the volunteers experienced a significantly greater mean number of orgasms (3.4 ± 0.2 SEM) than under the placebo condition (2.6 ± 0.3). The total number of orgasms was 67 under the naltrexone condition and 51 under the placebo condition. At the first orgasm, the measure of intensity of arousal was significantly greater in the naltrexone (3.9 ± 0.2) than placebo (3.4 ± 0.2) condition, and the measure of orgasmic intensity was significantly greater in the naltrexone (3.7 ± 0.2) than in the placebo (3.0 ± 0.3) condition.

The present study provides evidence that endogenous opioids modulate orgasmic response and the perceived intensity of sexual arousal and orgasm in men. The findings suggest that naltrexone could be clinically useful in cases of inhibited sexual desire and erectile dysfunction.

I've never tried naltrexone as I've never pursued trying to get this problem fixed through a doctor, and I'm not sure he would even prescribe it anyway.

However dxm is also an opioid, so could be the reason it might help orgasm. Anyway I'm sure I'll be able to report back and tell you whether it was a success or not in a month or so.


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Re: Very likely Cure found! Do you suffer from OCD or similar symptoms at all?
« Reply #16 on: January 31, 2020, 06:52:37 AM »
tks for the update!