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Recovery in sight with intermittent fasting!

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Hi all,

It's premature to post here and say I'm fully cured because I'm not, but I'm definitely starting to see consistent improvements enough to post this! A search on this site only brought up one comment I could find from someone fasting so I wanted to share.

I'm female, and have been on this forum for years, previously under a different username, and I pecuniary posted that I was cited when I had a great organ through relaxing my muscles! Sadly it didn't last and I've got in with life and stopped trying to fix this issue, orgasms were ok, but maybe 50% of what they used to be.

But I've just finished week 8 of intermittent fasting and for the last few weeks I have definitely noticed I'm getting more of the build up and the waves washing over me again.

I'm using the life fast app to track it, clean fasting 16 hours a day (the rules are drinking only water, fizzy water and black tea or coffee, nothing else at all and no sweeteners etc, and you can take salts or electrolyte powder) and then I eat what I want within an 8 hour window. Some of it has included beer, burgers and pizza so not even healthy, and I'm seeing weight loss and this improvement which I never thought would happen! So I eat roughly between 12-8 or 1-9 most days, but it's OK to mix up the routine.

I'll keep you posted but has anyone else tried this?

Hi, thanks for posting, this is something that I will definitely be trying.

I am curious about your sexual routine, did it remain the same while fasting or was there any changes?

I am not sure if I should practice abstinence while fasting so I can have a good try after, rather then doing it throughout to check "if it is working" and facing frustrations if its not.


50 percent orgasms would be brilliant ,I think most on here are 1 to 2 percent.

Did any of you guys try the fasting? So as with many things on here, I ended up further down the rabbit hole! I had to stop the fasting because I got sick with a virus and have never recovered. It led me to acknowledge I have adrenal fatigue, for which you are better off eating little and often because fasting stresses the adrenals further (if you suspect it, get the book by Dr Wilson). But that led me to a further realisation - mercury toxicity.

I am due to have my huge filings removed by a holistic dentist in October. It can't come quickly enough (pun unintended!). I am gearing up to follow the Andy Cutler chelation protocol. I did a search and one other person here has credited it as a major part of their cure and used the same protocol. For me it makes sense. I always thought it was the pill that messed up my hormones and my orgasms. I can't remember when exactly I got this huge filling but I think it was around the same time as this issue started and I never would have thought to connect the two. So I will report back if I see changes after the removal but it could be a few months or years yet. If you suspect this is an issue, PLEASE get the Andy Cutler book and join the Facebook group. You can do a lot of damage dealing with this the wrong way. They will advise on finding a safe dentist too.

As for the fasting, it definitely helped, but I only made it to 8 weeks before I had to stop, so I'll have to rely on your reports as to whether it works or not.

Your improvement with intermittent fasting is really interesting. I've been thinking of trying that just for the weight-control and other benefits of it.

This gives me an extra "push" to try it out.

Thank you for posting.


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