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Has anyone done pelvic floor therapy????


I have read and been told a referred to try pelvic floor therapy, yet I am hesitant to do it because the process for men is very very "invasive". I am wondering if any of you guys/girls have done pelvic floor therapy and if so seen any results? Furthermore I believe that the reason I have SA is due to my hips/ my body overall being chronically tight. I have been told that my pelvic floor in specific is ridiculously tight and "stuck". Therefor at least my hope is to get back to not being extremely tight and my SA going away. Does anyone have any thoughts on this or think that that could be the reason?

Lastly, I've seen multiple post relating to a tarlov cyst, and probably like many of you have know idea if this is the cause for my SA. Is this a legitimate cause? and if so how do you know and or what are the causes for it ? Any info on anything that I have said would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. 

I have had pelvic floor therapy which consisted of learning a few muscle tension/relaxing routines for the pelvic area. also locating and releasing knots of muscle inside the anus. this was done by means of a medical quality glass gadget, which was curved and had a sphere at each end of different sizes. finding a therapist who even acknowledged the existence of the male pelvic floor was the first challenge. I eventually found one just outside Reading in uk. he was very understanding and patient, although I think a little embarrassed at having to show me how to locate any muscle knots. a couple of the exercises were difficult to master, like raising ones testicles while in a standing position without moving the stomach muscles.  I am not sure it had any beneficial effect, but I would say it would be worth a try to see if it helps you.


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