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since i ve started ejaculatory anhedonia ive noticed in the same times that what happen to people around me and what happen to me doesnot touch me  at the same strenght of emotion.  i mean im far away

from the feeling that i had.
i was so alive so anybody s here does feel the same ?

like he is not living just doing things like robot without pleasure ? not the same as before ?

i need to know cause some guys here even if they have ejaculatory anhedonia they seems to handle it and they continue having normal feeling emotions like there psychological side is not touched.

i focus in this side cause for me its as important to feel emotion as having full pleasurable orgasms.

and im far from the two things


I believe our problem is rooted in overly-tight, dysfunctional pelvic floor muscles, caused by 'rushing' masturbation or other... If this is the case, they will be causing the pudendal nerve (responsible for the pleasure of orgasm) to act dysfunctionally too. I have done a lot of reading on the subject! I read something along the lines of 'if the pudendal nerve (life's mission control centre) is damaged, life loses many of its pleasures.' It is worth reading up on pudendal neuralgia, because it could relate to your general anhedonia. On the other hand, your general anhedonia at life could just be a psychological response to the EA. It is very hard to live with this condition so it is not unusual to be depressed by it. I'm feeling very down about it at the moment to the point that life has lost many of its pleasures. This can be entirely psychological, believe me! If you are depressed, I highly recommend getting regular exercise - eat well, take 5-htp and don't touch antidepressants.

ive stopped takin anti depressant because of the side effect on libido.

i can handle it im not that addicted to AD. when i got orgasms without anti depressant one time in one trials 8 month a go i was feeling so alive so connected to the world bad thing in news maked me angry or sad. but i had not really experimented that since that day.  only music can give me one wave in my brain thath i cant absolutely define like pleasure wave. like something is broken trough my spine  then the sensation is not full.

i also noticed 8 month ago first orgasm was ok but then i could have some dry orgasms .. something i cant have now when i try a dry one im expecting for contraction and pleasure but nothing happen.

had u noticed that too ? when u are affraid in normal case u feel like a pressure in pelvic area and testicule when u are surprised or scared.
thats something i absolutely dont feel now. anybody feel the same ?

pressure in the pelvic area can be a result of pelvic floor dysfunction. I read that the tension in that area can give you the sense of pressure or that there is a foreign object in that area. Other symptoms include pelvic/ internal pain, decreased sensitivity and sexual dysfunction, also a feeling of incomplete voiding - ie feeling you need to pee more than you do, as if it is insatiable. Do you experience any of these symptoms?

edit: I re-read what you said (I misread it at first, sorry) - you say you don't feel any connection to the pelvic area- ie the 'gut' response to pleasure, excitement, fear, often known as 'fight or flight'. This is almost entirely an area dealt with in the pudendal area as far as I understand, and it is very likely that we all have a 'disconnect' problem in that area. I don't intend to piss people off by keeping banging on about this, but I'd bet my house and all worldly possessions on this, (our problem) being one of the pudendal nerve, the nerve that is responsible for orgasm. I suspect it isn't anything major either, apparently the nerve and thus the supporting muscles can become permanently dysfunctional 'by as much as a 12% stretch of the nerve'. It is treatable by first dealing with the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the nerve that will almost certainly be dysfunctional.
Here's a test I've devised to test pelvic tightness... Try taking a long deep breath from the bottom of the lungs. As you do this, push down very slightly with the pc muscle as if you are trying to urinate. Extend your belly out- breathe with the lowest part of the lungs slowly until you achieve a full inhalation with belly bulging... (all the while pushing down slightly with pc muscles)... Notice any light spasm of the pelvic floor muscles?
Sorry this has gone a bit off topic.

this is what i feel


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