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I think I can say that I've found a "cure"

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I think I can say with some accuracy that fresh royal jelly makes me have full blown orgasms as I
hadn't had in more than 10 years...
It makes me horny and makes me desire people that I would otherwise find so unattractive, haha.
I am back to sexual life, I can say.

And probably without fresh royal jelly I would be still affected by S. Anhedonia.

I take Gaba occasionally, but I think the jelly alone is giving me the most wonderful cums I have
ever had since I began not having orgasms, 10 years ago, it's a miracle, an incredible miracle.

Of course I was trying out so many different things, none of which had worked, that if there
was a solution I would eventually find it, however skeptic I had become.

Update as Feb/12/2017 (royal jelly is no longer working for me, it's been a few years that I stopped
trying to see if it might work again.)

good news, well done. i may grab some royal jelly and try it out for myself.
just as a point of interest, have you tried royal jelly when it's not fresh?

only fresh royal jelly works.

right now i'm going on my second masturbation spree, i just can't get enough.

i'm on my 3rd unit. it has to be frozen. the more you take, the better the results.
though it's best to take little due to the price. little makes good effect too.

1st or 2nd week you'll be like a vulcan, crazy to fuck or to be fucked.

I swear i can't believe how horny this makes me, i started to have the hots
for people who i found so dull before.

I have the craziest fantasies, with just anyone who is reasonably hot now.

i've been using it for almost 5 months now, and the intensity has never decreased, unlike with the other stuff, such as gaba.

Nothing i had tried had given me as good orgasms as this.

But maybe my situation is different from others, i had been unable to cum properly for more than 10 years
i think, and all because of finasteride, minoxidil, ssri's, and other bad stuff i had used.

I tend to think jelly is so powerful that it even reduces the effect of the anti-orgasm products.
I had almost dried up my pool of options, before coming across jelly as the advice of a nymphomaniac friend.

Update as of Feb/2017: wow, I was so upbeat about this, and it wasn't the definitive cure I was looking for.

One thing that i noticed that i didn't have when i was unable to have orgasms.
My penis wouldn't exude any odor at all, no penis smell.
Now it does, lots and lots...and that's the sign i can fully cum again.


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