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Advice on weak Orgasm
« on: July 10, 2018, 10:23:04 AM »

I am new on to this board but i am glad. After years of searching.

Ok, I was born with a mild case of hypospadias (subcoronal). This was repaired when i was young but failed. As a result i grew up with 2 urinary tract which was embarrassing. I however could manage with that until i became sexually active. I realized i was not getting enough satisfaction from sex. At the beginning it was good possibly because it was a new experience and i was getting very horny. However overtime i realized i wasnt just getting the full benefits. The majority of the cum came out of the subcoronal opening and not the new opening at the tip. I assumed this was the cause of the weak orgasm and i decided to get an operation when i was 21 to close the subcoronal opening. This was successful and my orgasm improved. However over time i have realised i am still on satisfied with it. My best orgasm is when i masturbate standing up. When i masturbate lying down its not as good. When i have sex its not as good. Could it be that there were nerve damage from the surgery? If so can this be repaired?
Note - i have feelings on the penins. I get aroused and keep an erection. Just that when i finish i hardly get the satisfactory feeling or muscle tension related with orgasm. When i stand and masturbate i do feel it slightly.