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Could EA simply be genetic?


I'm in my late 50's now, and just found out that EA is a "thing."   Although a reasonably intelligent and schooled person, for some reason I thought it was just me, and that I just didnt see what everybody else thought was a big deal.   Been reading up on this for a few days now, and find many people on many sites talking about the exact "symptoms" that I've ALWAYS had.  Although I do now have some spinal disc issues,  med-controlled high blood pressure, etc,   I have had EA all my life so I know they are not the cause.  Same thing with stress etc.  Although I have a bunch of stuff going on now,  not true back in the day.   In college, I did have an orgasm three times that I remember, but the fact that I can remember them shows the issue.  I also once had an orgasm without ejaculation, again several years ago.   Although part of me wishes I'd realized it was a condition and  sought help years ago,  since it seems that nobody really knows how to treat EA, I'm not sure it would have mattered.   Most posters seem to talk about a later in life onset of EA.   Does anybody know if most sufferers are later onset, or are there alot like me who seem to have been born with it?

I've had it since birth too.  A couple orgasms in my life.

Most of us have it since our teens like you, you can check our poll here:,505.0.html

As the cause being genetic, I haven't had the guts to ask my relatives, but depression and the like had been a constant in them.

Had the problem since my teens (i'm nearly 50 now) & being in a conservative Asian country , bringing this up 30-35 years ago would have been taboo ..... many members in the same boat , as in, having this problem since decades :-(

Personally, I strongly doubt it is genetic.


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