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Continuing to go down the rabbit hole...

If you remember my early posts I spoke about how I experienced changes in my libido/arousal/orgasm over time and at one time it was extremely HIGH.  I also noticed strange effects from cold medicines, possibly ones that contained an ingredient called phenylpropanalomine (PPA) which was subsequently banned in the USA and some other countries for stroke risk.

I was doing some other research and started reading about melanocortin or melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH).  There is a company, Palatin that is working on approval for a drug that can treat EA in men and women.  One strange thing about all of this is this melanin stuff has to do with tanning etc, and I have periods where I suddenly become "tan" overnight and then it goes away, so clearly I have something going on with my melanin system etc.

It would appear that 23andme tests for a MC3R SNP

This website has phenylpropanalomine as the TOP GENE SUBSTANCE interaction with the MC3R gene:

This Palatin company also evidently works on a related compound for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which I also have had in the past.

It seems there are tests for MSH:

Again, I need some help working this out from those with science/medical backgrounds or psychonauts out there, check out this guy's video:


I'm on 23andMe too. Also Ancestry. I found some interesting SNPs on SRD5A2 for me in Ancestry, and posted an update in General Discussion.

If you send the SNPs you've found interesting for you, we can compare and see if we find a match.

No fun,

I only was tested for genes involved with methylation, so like 20 or so, i havent had the courage to do the 23 and me or ancestey tests due to privacy concerns

We can compare my limited SNP profile, in fact i thought i had posted it on here before


I've seen bremelenatide around for a while. Looks promising and i was glad to read its been put in front of FDA. If anyone hears about it getting approved, let us know. I def would want to try it since I'm female and also have anhedonia with low libido

I wonder why they aren't going for approval for treatment of male EA?

Also I wonder if the stock is a "buy" for palatin  ;)

I also have a fear that it will go nowhere just like every other penny stock, or the whole EA thing in general



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