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Extasy MDMA Definitively a cure from a pioneer user.

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Recently tried it in UK four times but it made no difference  :'(


--- Quote from: Jaderr on June 15, 2017, 07:07:46 PM ---Guys, im sorry for being agressive. BUT IM A FUCKING PIONEER USER I HAVE THIS SHIT FOR 15 FUCKING YEARS. AND IM SAYING MDMA IS THE FUCKING CURE!!!!

Ok now let me get into details.

Ive already tried everything from yohimbe to wellbutrin, going by dhea , testosterone injected, black belts medicines all serotonin dopamine nor Adrenalin blockers and all this crap. NONE OF IT REALLY WORKED 100% BUT!
Mdma, the love pill, as you can find out. Boost the libido 1000% and the orgasm 300% the thing is. it doesnt just work while active it changes your brain in a permanent way if you take for a long time and big ammounts. you just feel horny and have crazy orgasms all the time.

--- End quote ---

It's certainly credible that it could be a long term actual cure. At least for some people. There are a number of drugs these days that they take about as making long term psychological changes.

And even it's just a treatment that I'd have to continue to take, whatever works.

But what's the longest you've been off it and still continue to have orgasms?

**** To Everyone *****

I made a bunch of polls a while back for effects you've gotten from drugs:

It's kind of annoying to do, as the page reloads every time you answer. So then you have to rescroll to where you are on the page. Maybe 10 to 15 people have entered their results.

Please at least enter for the ones you've tried that have had some effect, positive or negative. I have "never tried" and "tried, no effect" selections too.

For ecstasy, there are only two votes currently, one for tried, no effect, and another for "always a large negative".

Currently, the most positive drugs seem to be yohimbine, tyrosine, and tribulus.


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