Author Topic: Differences in sexual performance and sensation  (Read 3524 times)


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Differences in sexual performance and sensation
« on: August 06, 2016, 10:59:13 AM »
Does anyone here find that the sensitivity of their penis and orgasm and ability to get and keep an erection is dependant on certain things ?

My best orgasms are very late at night but often worst after physical activity during the day.. I was wondering whether the pelvic tension theory may support these changes. Sometimes sensation feels so numbed it's very hard to maintain an erection, the penis looks like it just wants to go down and shrink back to normal size. Other times erections are very hard and stay hard without any mental effort at all. These changes are somewhat normal for all men but what I experience seems to be the extreme. The apperance of the head of the penis various also, when it's hard to maintain an erection it looks really dry, but when it's easy to maintain an erection the skin seems more oily and feels more sensitive. I also often experience mild pain in my prostate after ejaculation when erections are hardest.

Can anyone relate at all to this ? This could possibly be another post from me that I'l look back on at a later date and think it wasn't relevant at all.


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Re: Differences in sexual performance and sensation
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2016, 09:30:37 AM »
hi richard.
I cant say I could put any correlation to variation in erection,or sensitivity, but I do sometimes get pain in the prostate area, either after sex when th erection has been harder, or sometimes randomly in the middle of the night.. over many years I have diagnosed this as proctalgia - a cramp spasm of the muscles in the rectum. unbelievably painful at times, other times just literally a pain in the arse! I too am looking at the pelvic tension solution and pinning my hopes on that. I have waited an awful long time to find an answer, and spent a shed load of money too.

the only thing I can correlate to lack of sexual sensitivity in general is alcohol. it does me no good at all.