Author Topic: methylation genes - MAO A (monoamine oxidase) and COMT (Catechol-O-methyl transf  (Read 16157 times)


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Yanni, although I am not a medical expert, if you look into the stroke situation regarding PPA, it appears that the main risk was to women, and most likely because PPA was an ingredient in fad weight loss drugs like dexatrim.  Don't discount the PPA idea - it is the reason that I got onto the idea of the MAO A/ MAO B imbalance.  As described above, PPA is related to phenylethylamine.


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I was cured when pristiq fix my sleep, all my life is very hard to me wake up in the mornings, after only two days of taking pristiq i started to sleep deeply and like a baby, easy to wake up in the morning, but 50mg of pristiq is too high dose to me, cause me depression and apathy, i was cured only after suspended pristiq, 2 or 3 days after that the sleep effects of pristiq remains in me, ultra low doses was in my blood, i was cured, depression lifted totally and EA too, but after 2 more days when the med isn't anymore in my blood my sleep problems back and EA too, i cant split pristiq because is a extended release pill, i tried another serotonin meds and none of them fix my sleep, i need tried another meds, serotonin can raise dopamine, the brain is very complex, i dont know if i have methylation problems, some people can have low grade depression and they even dont know, serotonin can fix EA in some people, everyone is different, i am very sensitive to meds, lexapro cause me deep depression, apathy and dont fix my sleep, i have a serotonin problem, even very low grade depression can cause EA, you guys with EA are happy? Have good sleep? Have a lot of motivation? Have a good diet? Exercise? So many things can cause very low grade depression, maybe you have it and you dont know it, when i was cured i dont care EA, maybe we are obsessed with it, when i was cured life was worth, without meds right now i am addicted to videogames, lazzy, unmotivated, sometimes i feel tired after eating (maybe i have reactive hypoglycemia), i like watch porn, i dont socialize because i found it bored.
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I have always had problems to wake up in the morning, normal diet, normal exercise, low motivation. I too live in a third world country so its dificult to get access to meds. Sent a PM to you cuy2, just in case.


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None of our members in countries where cold medicine may legally contain phenylpropanalomine have tried it?  Just be aware of the stroke risk which is evidently why it was banned in the US.  But curious to see if anyone in a country where it is legal finds it effects their EA


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I found a website that explained that phenylpropanalomine has some agonist behavior on alpha-2-adrenergic receptors (as well as on alpha 1). 

The reason that I said that things seem to be forming a nexus, is that I found out that the traditional erectile/sexual dysfunction remedy Yohimbine is an alpha-2-adrenergic antagonist (the opposite of PPA's adrenergic agonist

  It would be interesting to see my reaction to Yohimbine, however, I am a bit worried given that I already know that I have an MAO A mutation, and Yohimbine is said to perhaps act as an MAOI - monoamine oxidase inhibitor.

Even more interesting is that per the same book you should avoid taking phenylpropanalomine when using Yohimbine because Yohimbine is a "possible Monoamine Oxidase (MAO) inhibitor."[/b]

Interesting. When I first started taking yohimbine, I found I was very sensitive to it, and would split the capsules to pour some out. I used it for a while to try, because supposedly it helps sexual dysfunction. I did find it helped erections, but never orgasms. And I never liked the effect on me generally. Gittery, a little bit of chills.

Then I found another pill with lower amounts, and used that. I think they were twin labs, Yohimbine Fuel (8mg per capsule), or Male Fuel (8mg yohimbine per 3 capsules).

One night I mistakenly took two or three of the Yohimbine Fuel. Way too much for me. But the effect was odd. My girlfriend was coming over, so I wanted to liven it up a bit. Unfortunately, she left early.

I felt more emotionally connected to her while she was there. And at other times, had found women just more arresting when I was on yohimbine.

That night, I couldn't sleep and had erections most of the night, with more ejaculations than I'd ever had in a night.

Not orgasms, though. Still, I'd try that again if I could find a way to turn it *off* at some point so I could go to sleep and not be burned out the next day.

Doctors will recommend 20-40mg per day for sexual dysfunction. Way too much for me.

And they say the half life is like an hour, but no way is that true for me. Much longer.