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General Discussion / Re: TENS unit / electrostim
« Last post by gdop on October 12, 2018, 06:27:02 AM »
Heart attack here too, 11 years ago. How old are you, fireman? I could make a poll to see if it is common to have heart problems in this forum...
I'm Cured! / Re: Return of The O and other mysteries
« Last post by gdop on October 12, 2018, 06:19:16 AM »
Promethean, thanks for staying with us!
Some years ago, I started a blog on blogger (in Spanish -, explaining my condition. My idea was to try and spread the word, in hopes somebody in the medical community would be interested on investigating, or at least contact me to share information. But I don't have the skills or time to make the blog more popular, so it is mostly sitting there still on the web. Maybe some day I'll be able to continue.

A few people contacted me through the blog and other means. Most of them were people like me, women and men who couldn't feel pleasure or had related problems. But curiously, one of them was a man studying Medicine at the University. He said he didn't have orgasms, but had found other interests in life and dismissed this problem. I couldn't believe he didn't care about it. I asked him one thing: if he could please spread the word on our condition at the university or once he started creating a network of contacts in the medical community. I have never heard of him again.

Some other people told me about their experiences with different doctors, but unfortunately we were all disoriented and just coping with the problems the best way possible.

The medical community is aware of this condition, but they are more interested on investigating other areas. I hope medicine will find more answers in the future, but nowadays they continue recommending the same solutions for almost everyone (relax, see a psychologist, focus on the sensation)...

I'm not saying those solutions never work; in fact, there are people who benefit from them, because in their case it's really psychological. I think every case is different and I've travelled the psychologist journey with no results, except getting even more convinced that my case has to be something physical. I can't focus con the sensation, because there is none. I have no fears or insecurities about sex. Everything seems to work well, except I don't feel the physical pleasure.

After a few years I found a neurologist who at least showed some interest, even if his field was different (sleep study). He prescribed me bupropion and my mind is better since then. I don't have as much daytime sleepiness as before (which was another reason for the prescription). He also thought bupropion could help me with my anorgasmia. It didn't, but every medicine I've tried for this condition ramps up my desire. He said I could try cabergoline but he couldn't prescribe it to me... I had to get some pills on Internet. It augmented my desire even more, but killed my sex drive. He finally said he couldn't help me more, because it wasn't his field, but recommended me to see an andrologist.

And this is where I am now. I haven't seen an andrologist yet, because I read their descriptions on medical forums and none of them seem to speak about anhedonia. Lots of penis enlargements, treatments for premature ejaculation and impotence, and not much more is what I can find.

I'm fed up with this... I'm not seeing more doctors for now. I'm just reading online and waiting for something new to show up.
I'm Cured! / Re: Return of The O and other mysteries
« Last post by PrometheanFlame on October 08, 2018, 05:24:56 AM »
I should also add that masturbating while high on weed leads to pure orgasmic bliss for me. I mean being high alone, finding the exact right dose to ride it out. And just exploring your sexuality, and your own mind. Perhaps the CBD in weed really does help... I don't know. These days I'm eating like a body builder, i'm trying to gain muscle mass and decrease body fat. So I've been very low carb.

In the past three months I have also cut out all supplements. Including ketokonazole that I was using for dandruff and scalp redness. Drugs like ketokonazole, are DHT agonists. They really mess with your hormones. I know it's only shampoo, but perhaps even the small amount that passes through the skin can affect sex drive.

In any case my sex drive has been back for a while. It wanes at times, but does come back soon. Orgasms range between a 7 and a 10/10 mind blowing psychedelic type experience.

I still haven't made progress as to how or why this has happened. There are far too many variables and life style factors. It could be psychological, spiritual. physical. medical. It could be anything. I've tried so many things and changed so many different lifestyle factors. I was hoping to have an answer to this, in hopes that I can help the rest of you guys out. I know how tough and lonely it can be, so I feel you. I understand your struggle. You aren't alone.
She says most cases have a psychological reason, and she is mostly speaking about specific causes, such as delayed ejaculation, shyness, poor self confidence, personality issues... Obviously it's her field and she might have treated couples with those problems successfully. But most cases doesn't mean everyone's case.

She also says that there is almost no reseach on anorgasmia in men. That is sadly true. Anorgasmia isn't deadly and therefore is not a priority to solve. Like you said to me a few years ago, research requires money and funding usually goes to other issues which are more urgent to solve... Or just return money faster.

A few years ago, after visiting different doctors who apparently found nothing wrong in my medical tests, almost everyone said that I should search for a psychological solution. I went to a renowned sexologist in my city, knowing that I would probably just throw away some of my money. While I went to the sessions, she was searching for trauma, insecurities, any psychological reason which could have caused my insensitivity.

I opened the story of my life to her. I wanted to find something wrong in my mind and solve it... Mostly because everyone was so confident that the problem was in my mind. But it wasn't. Maybe now it is, after 10 years not feeling sexual pleasure... I'm not losing my hopes to find a solution, but still... I realise my thinking processes have changed. Now I know I will masturbate or make love and feel almost nothing physically... So my frequency of sex has diminished a lot, even though I get excited and have a high amount of desire. Everyone around me is gaining experience while I'm... On pause.

What I've experienced with doctors is that they either are not interested, or they don't know what to do. This is maybe a problem which should be treated by different specialists at the same time. I can tell there are different issues which could cause this, just by reading other people's stories. That would mean the solution may also be personal for each case.

I'm amazed this isn't investigated. Some doctors must suffer it and do nothing. Some rich people must suffer it and their money can't find doctors who are interested in the subject. The only thing I can think of, is this problem being a few orders of magnitude more difficult than the current knowledge we have about our biology.
Sensation. I had exactly the same experience. finally managed to see an expert at  London hospital who said there would probably be no cure as it was probably psychological but he was interested enough to see me privately in Harley street. he was a sincere guy but at the ned of many hundreds of pounds treatment the only thing I got from it was that he advised me to relax during sex and focus on the sensation. it isn't researched because we men are too insecure to get it out in the open. would you on tv to  speak about it? I wouldn't. so it gets no publicity and therefore remains in the shadows and us blokes are easy prey while we search desperately for a fix. it breaks my heart
General Discussion / Re: TENS unit / electrostim
« Last post by fireman on October 07, 2018, 11:37:24 AM »
nolongernumb. I bought a tens a few years ago. ive been desperate to experience the feelings of orgasm I had a long long time ago. im afraid to say I felt nothing. apart from when I tried to remove it from my penis and got a hefty shock through my hand. I am also very wary of this kind of machine as I had a heart attack 12 years ago. I was so disappointed at yet another failure it has stayed in my wardrobe ever since :-((
Contributing Factors - Physical / Re: EA - Related to Phymosis / Ischemia ?
« Last post by gdop on October 01, 2018, 07:09:16 AM »
Some of us are circumcised, so no phimosis here.

As for the ischemia, I think mi colour is right.
General Discussion / Re: Male squirting?
« Last post by bongo on September 27, 2018, 02:43:27 AM »
Guess it only works on me then? Not pleasurable but at least there's nerves there doing something .
I'm Cured! / Re: Been cured 6 months. Here's how I did it.
« Last post by karenina on September 15, 2018, 08:26:08 AM »
Will try to get some Augmentin and will be giving it a try if I can. Thanks for the idea. What level dosages were you taking? Thanks
I'm Cured! / Re: Been cured 6 months. Here's how I did it.
« Last post by curedhereshow2 on September 09, 2018, 06:39:46 PM »
I've had amoxicillin for many ear infections and never had any increase in pleasure, 40 years now without!

I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. I am still cured with this method and haven’t needed to take another dose yet.

Just to cover all bases: Are you sure it was Amoxicillin w/ Clavulanic Acid? For all I know it was the Clavulanic Acid that cured me, that’s why I was specific.
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